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Terms of Use

This Terms of Use Statement applies to all products, services and information on this website and betiPT clients.

1.0 Medical Clearance

All clients should seek a medical check before commencing any betiPT program. All medical issues must be disclosed with a doctor's recommendation to proceed.

2.0 Injuries or Ailments

All injuries and ailments that occur during the program must be disclosed to the Personal Trainer. The Personal Trainer will accommodate program to suit the needs of the Personal Training Client.

Do not proceed with program if you experience any medical issues that can be detrimental to your health.

3.0 Honest Disclosure of Medical Information

It is the Client's responsibility to disclose honest information about their medical status. For example: Personal Trainer having no knowledge about a pregnancy can be very dangerous.

4.0 Safety

It is the Client's responsibility to exercise in a safe environment and to STOP and DISCONTINUE any exercise if injury occurs.

5.0 Water

Water must be consumed with all exercise programs.

6.0 Extreme Climatic Conditions

It is not recommended to exercise under extreme conditions; especially if you have not acclimatised.

7.0 Cancellation Policy

Please read cancellation policy

8.0 Disclaimer

Please read disclaimer


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