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Personal Training

Full PT with resistance training, pilates, theraband training and flexibility work. 40mins 1 per week


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Atish said: Really Happy - Beti has been very helpful in motivating me in realising my goals and helping to achieve them. Her positive attitude and direction has made me realise that I can achieve my goals. I like the way Beti conducts her reviews and analysis and provides guidance and training advice in the gym, from how to use equipment, to what can or cant be done. To date, I have not encountered any improvements that I can provide and overall, the program has been worth it.
22 May 2015


Marina said: Really Happy - Beti studies every case individually. She asks you what you like and what you don't like, what your weaknesses are and then she prepares a plan according to your needs. Personally, I have followed all the fad diets, diet shakes etc. but I've always missed and craved certain foods that I love eg Christianizing carbs are bad for you..... Beti has introduced me to quinoa which I absolutely love and is so nutritious for you and not as bad as for example pasta....I can eat my sweet potato, nuts and all that without feeling hungry...or guilty..even better I have felt better and have had more energy since I've started following my new diet plan. Thanks Beti so much!!!!
5th Jan 2015


Rebekah said: Really Happy - The variety of the exercises each week and the explanations to how they are working the body. The individual programs are really helpful too. I also love that I am always aware of the goals for my training or of certain exercises which allows me to witness my progress and makes these exercises have more purpose.
24th Dec 2014


Jo said: Really Happy - Having someone telling me what to do and encouraging me to work harder.
16th Nov 2014


Jean said: Really Happy - The personal service I was getting was great. Beti is someone that really cares that is very hard to find these days.
11th Nov 2014


Megan said: Really Happy - Love the fact that I don't have to feel bad about working within my limits and that the workouts are targeted to my own body. Also like that's it's a mix of different things.
11th Nov 2014


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