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This Privacy Policy applies to all betiPT Clients and users of this website.

1.0 Email Addresses

All email address information that betiPT is privy to will not be used for any other purpose than the original intention of the email address owner. Email address information is not accumulated and used for any mass email advertising purposes.

2.0 Personal Information

Personal Information such as full name, address, telephone number etc may be collected for some products and services. This information will be maintained in a secure offline database and not resold or redistributed for any other purpose than its original intention by the owner.

3.0 Online Enquiries

Information collected for Online Enquiries will not be reused for any unrelated purpose unless specified by the owner.

4.0 Spam

This one is simple. We do not spam.

5.0 Payment Information Privacy

All payments for products on this website are done via Paypal. Please read the Paypal Privacy Policy.


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