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betiPT takes great pride in giving the best health and fitness advice, but this can become out of date quickly with new studies. Please take care to always check with your health and fitness professional what the latest and safest way is to keep fit and healthy.

All clients should seek Doctor's or Health Professional's Check before commencing any exercise or diet program. Any medical conditions must be disclosed to betiPT together with medical direction to proceed. This will help us give you the best program possible.

In using any betiPT product or service you release and indemnify betiPT of any damages that may be caused. It is important that you follow the program given correctly and know that you are responsible for your own body. If something does not feel right, STOP, DO NOT DO, let us know so we can tweak your program so it is best for you.

betiPT will show all clients the safest methods of working at the time; this may be superseeded with new studies being released hence it is up to the client to ensure they get the latest information from their Fitness or Health Professional.

betiPT does not accept any liability for any injury, damage or loss incurred by use of the information shown on this website.

betiPT puts in a lot of effort to keep all info on the website up to date, but sometimes things can be missed accidentally. So please understand that betiPT takes no responsibility for items being out of date or incorrect on this website. If you feel there is an error on the website please contact us so we can correct it. That would be great :)

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