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Diet Programs

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Initial Consultation

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Discuss your current diet in detail with a Fitness Nutritional Coach to assess what is required in your diet and what is tracking well. The outcome will be a full week's Diet Program together with a Shopping List and Hints and Tips to keep you motivated along the way to reach your goals.

Service Description List:

  • Complete nutritional analysis of current diet
  • Complete body measurements, including % Fat and % Muscle
  • Assessment of goals
  • New Diet Program including Tips, Recipes and Shopping List

Follow Up Consultation

Follow up consultations, to track the progress and success of your assigned diet with a Fitness Nutritional Coach. The outcome will be tweaking the Diet Program to customise the program further to help you reach your goals.

Service Description List:

  • Consultation reviewing and tweaking program
  • Additional Recipes
  • Body measurements, including % Fat and % Muscle

Shopping Tour

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When you do your grocery shopping do you ever feel that you would love to have a qualified Fitness Nutritional Coach there to help you buy the best food for both yourself and your family? If yes, this service is exactly what you need.

The Fitness Nutritional Coach will meet you at your local supermarket and walk through isle by isle to help you buy the best and healthiest food. You will not only get the best grocery shop, both in value and nutrition, you will also get an assessment and shopping list plan to help you in future.

Family of 4 Grocery Shopping Cost approx $100

Service Description List:

  • Grocery Shopping with a Fitness Nutritional Coach
  • The most fun way to go shopping and learn how to shop for the best groceries to feed yourself and your family
  • Walk the shopping isles in your local supermarket with betiPT
  • Assess each food item as it goes into your shopping trolley
  • Find out if what you have been buying is good for your body
  • Report: Assessment of your trends and what changes to try to implement

Kitchen Cleanse

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Cleanse your kitchen to give yourself and your family the best food. The Fitness Nutritional Coach will go through your pantry and fridge with you to help you learn what is great and what you can do without :) You also get a shopping list at the end to ensure you fill up your kitchen with the most nutritionally rich food.

Service Description List:

  • Go through all food items in your kitchen with a Fitness Nutritional Coach
  • Check foods in your pantry and fridge with a Fitness Nutritional Coach:
    • what foods to keep
    • what food to discard
    • what food to buy
  • Walk through best cooking methods with your current pots and pans/other cooking utensils (eg food processor)
  • You get a shopping list at the end of the tour to help you with your weekly shopping
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Great Recipes

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Caprese toasts Tomato and Onion Baked Fish Stir Fried Chilli Chicken (serve with quinoa instead of rice - or low GI Rice)
Wholegrain blueberry & apple pancakes Vegetable Soup (replace potatoes with Sweet Potato) Yoghurt Chicken (ensure you use FREE RANGE Chicken)
Bircher Muesli Speedy Spicy Hash Greek-style fish fillets
Desserts / Snacks Smoothies Salads
Yoghurt with Mixed Dried Fruit Banana Smoothie Fennel Salad
Ginger and apple upside down cake Red, White, and Blue Fruit Smoothie Summer Salad with Roasted Beetroot
Egg Preparations Strawberry Smoothie Chickpea and Bean Salad
Make your own Yoghurt 7 Smoothie Recipes Avocado, feta and roasted tomato salad


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