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Transform Your BODY NOW! $144 over 8 weeks.

8 week program tailored for you to include an EXERCISE, DIET and MINDSET program.

You will receive information on DIET, EXERCISE and MINDSET to guide you through your amazing journey.

You can ask questions to qualified personal trainers and fitness nutrition coaches throughout your program via our private portal which you will get access to.

The programs below are designed to be fun and healthy, with easy step-by-step instructions.

All exercise and diet programs are written by a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritional Coach.


How it works?

Step 1

Immidiately after you pay you will be sent a form to be completed. This will give us the information we need to write your program specifically for you.

Step 2

As part of sending you your program we will also assess where you are in the 3 phases below.

Expected Outcomes at the end of 8 weeks for Weight Loss

If you want to Lose <5 kg at the end of 8 weeks are aim is to get you to ANTI - PLATEAU

If you want to Lose <10kg at the end of 8 weeks are aim is to get you to close to the end of FOUNDATION

If you want to Lose >10kg at the end of 8 weeks we will run through an ANTI - PLATEAU duration to help you stabilise all the weight you have lost before contining to lose more weight again.

Change Your Body
Change Your Body

Change Your Body

This program contains what you need to commence the journey to CHANGING YOUR BODY. It contains a diet and exercise program which is easy to follow, healthy and lots of fun. It includes a detailed diet program, how to manage cravings and a full body exercise program for the gym.

Reached a plateu? This program allows you to check your current diet and exercise program to CHANGE YOUR BODY. Have you worked hard to get down to the size you want? Want to manage your cravings? This program allows you to check your diet and exercise regime to ensure you maintain your results.


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